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Souths United NPLW Open Women's team continue with their strong form with a convincing 6-1 win over the Sunshine Coast on for match day summary

Players: Hannah Lane (right), Natalie Russell (left) 

Photographer: Ky Wain 
Reporter: Cara Confessore
Date: 18/03/18 
Location: Wakerley Park

5- GOAL FOR SOUTHS- AYESHA NORRIE (8) was fouled on the edge of the 18 yard box, posterior to breaking through the Wanderers midfield. AMY CHAPMAN (21) was cajoled into taking the direct free kick. She catapulted the ball toward CELESTE PETERSON (1), and then skimmed under the cross bar.

14- GOAL FOR SOUTHS- SOFIE PERSSON (17) received the ball after a skirmish in the 18 yard box, where the Souths forward line cavorted through and executed numerous one-two combinations on the fringe of the 6 yard box. Sofie took the touch to the right prior to placing the ball into the bottom right-hand corner.

31- GOAL FOR WANDERERS- CHELSEA SCARFF (18) was awarded a penalty after an inconspicuous hand ball occurred in transition. Chelsea placed a strategic ball into the bottom right-hand corner, which ventured out of CHLOE COLE'S (1) reach.

34- GOAL FOR SOUTHS- AMY CHAPMAN (21) skimmed past the Wanderers defence posterior to being jockeyed to the right-hand flanks of the 6 yard box. Unbalanced yet undeterred, Amy struck the ball swiftly into the top right-hand corner, catching CELESTE PETERSON (1) off guard.

35- GOAL FOR SOUTHS- TEONIE RUSHTON (2) received a cross from the left-hand flank and met the ball on the edge of the 18 yard box. She took the ball forward without interference, the Wanderers defence ventured toward her in a belated attempt to slide toward her. Teonie struck the ball into the top right-hand corner.


58- GOAL FOR SOUTHS- CELESTE PETERSON (1) dived to deflect a ferocious shot by BILLIE MURPHY (6), however was unable to keep the ball stagnant in her grip. The ball richochetted back toward Billie, who met the ball and passed it into the open net.

88- GOAL FOR SOUTHS- BILLIE MURPHY (6) connected with the ball despite the Wanderers defence swarming inside the 6 yard box in an urgent attempt to clear the cross made by JODIE BURCHELL (11). Billie struck the ball first time into the bottom left-hand corner.


Souths United NPLW Opens take on Capalaba Bulldogs this Friday night 23/3/18 @ 6:30pm - away at John Fredericks Park 1